1. Items that are low priced but may be big and bulky can cost you more for shipping than the actual cost of the goods. In such cases, please ask the seller to put items in a smaller box, if possible. Some of those items are, comforters, pillows and certain car parts like radiators and hoods.

2. Be mindful that most large warehouses like Amazon and Walmart ships items from different warehouses, so your items may not arrive at the same time. Always check your tracking information to verify how many packages were shipped.

3. Do NOT purchase prohibited items.

4. Before purchasing any live item such as plants and animals, seek the approval from the department of agriculture. These items will NOT be shipped without Pre-Approval.

5. If you have an Exemption for certain items, please upload it so that we can have it on file.

6. Do NOT alter your receipts. This will cause a delay in the billing process.

7. If you’re shipping a DRONE you will have to register with the Aviation Department. This process is quick and easy, please click here to register.

Prohibited Items

Go Postal does NOT ship the following items

  • Guns
  • Gun Parts
  • Toy Guns
  • Firecrackers/Explosives
  • Gasoline
  • No Aerosol Items
    (anything in a spray can)

Please DO NOT ship these items as you will be responsible for shipping items back to the supplier.