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    • 1. How do I sign up?

      Click here to sign up. Choose a Personal or business account and fill in the information requested. Once completed, you will be given a Unique Customer ID. Be sure to include it with your shipping information at all times.

    • 2. How much do you charge for freight?

      Small Packages 0 to 3 Pounds – $6.99
      Medium Packages 3.1 to 5 Pounds – $8.99
      Large Packages 5.1 – 30 Pounds – $1.79 per lb
      Extra Large Packages – 30.1 pounds & up – $0.99 per lb, plus $25 documentation fees. (We charge DIMENSIONAL WEIGHT or ACTUAL weight, whichever is higher.)

    • 3. Once I place my order, what do I do next?

      Once you have received your tracking number, you can upload your receipt to your account and name it like this Amazon – 1ZAB123456789000. That way when your items arrive the billing process will be smooth.

    • 4. How will I know when my package arrives?

      We will alert you by both email and text message.

    • 5. Is your website mobile friendly?

      Yes it is! In addition, we will be releasing our Mobile App soon, that will give you more ways to stay in touch!

    • 6. Do you charge storage fees?

      Yes, once we have had your package for 10 days, storage will be added at $3 for Small Packages, $5 for Medium Packages, $7 for Large Packages and $10 for Extra Large Packages. Packages not collected within 30 days will be sold to cover cost.

    • 7. What is dimensional Weight?

      Dimensional weight reflects the amount of space a package occupies in relation to its actual weight. Think about the available space in a truck or plane – if your package is taking up a bit more space than the actual weight the package captures, you will pay for that space. Often referred to as “Dim weight”, pricing is based on volume versus actual weight of shipments. It is calculated by determining the cubic size of a package — multiplying its length by width by height and dividing by 139. Example 25X6X43/139 = 46.40 Pounds. You will then be charged for 47 Pounds.

    • 8. What currency does Go Postal accept?

      Bahamian and US Dollars.

    • 9. What is Go Postal’s Delivery Standards?

      Items arriving at our US warehouse before 5PM will be available for collection the next business day after 3PM.

    • 10. What is a Hazmat Item?

      Dangerous goods (also called hazardous materials or Hazmat) are substances or materials that may pose a risk to health, safety, property, or the environment while storing, handling or transporting because they contain flammable, pressurized, corrosive, or otherwise harmful substances. Hazmat Items classification is regulated by the TSA. Example of HAZMAT items, Paint, Nail Polish, Perfumes, some Car Parts, Perfumes & batteries.

    • 11. How is Customs Item VAT (CIV) calculated?

      The government calculates Customs Item VAT by adding the following totals before charging the 12% rate: the value of the good, the duty of said good, excise tax, processing fee,
      environmental fee, storage charges, and freight/insurance/other charges.
      Please note that only charges applicable to your good/s are included in your CIV calculation.

    • 12. Can I pick up one of my packages and pay for the others later?
      No you may not. All packages must be paid when picking up your shipments.
    • 13. What is our 4 step process system?

      Black means that a request was made for an incoming package
      Red means that your package has arrived and its pending a receipt to be uploaded by you, the customer
      Yellow means that you have uploaded your receipt and your invoice is pending.
      Green means that your invoice is ready for payment.
      ***Please note that if you email your invoice the colors will not be updated in the process. Please also note that soon the only receipts that will be accepted will be through the portal.***

    • 14. What requirements must be met to ensure my packages are shipped?

      All invoices must be uploaded before the packages are shipped from our U.S. Warehouse. Invoices can be uploaded by signing in and tapping on the ‘incoming packages’ tab.

    • 15. Where do I upload my Invoice?

      All incoming packages are upload through our website. Simply sign in and tap on the ‘incoming packages’ tab to upload your invoice.